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Rowerek biegowy LR M PLUS

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  • 30-43 cm
  • 85-110 cm
  • 2 + lata
  • 3.60
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Nasz LR M PLUS w zupełnie nowym designie sprawia, że ​​dziecięce serca biją szybciej. Wyposażony w błotnik i dzwonek, jest doskonale przygotowany na nowe przygody.

Jak zwykle w przypadku PUKY, LR M PLUS jest wyposażony we wszystkie niezbędne funkcje bezpieczeństwa i wyprodukowany w... Czytaj więcej


  • Chwyty kierownicy Safety handlebar grips
  • Rama Frame with deep entry
  • Materał ramy Steel
  • Kolor Impact resistant powder coating
  • Osłona kierownicy Included
  • Stopka Included
  • Błotnik Included
  • Podest Yes
  • Max. waga użytkownika 25 kg
  • Opony

    High quality EVA tires (50-215)

  • Dzwonek

    Child friendly rotating ring bell

  • Pozostałe komponenty

    Ball bearing wheels and steering

  • Możliwość regulacji / Regulowanie

    Saddle and handlebar height adjustable

Wymiary produktu

Jak szeroki, jak wysoki, jak długi? Tutaj znajdziesz najważniejsze informacje o pojeździe.

* Wysokość siodełka

Special balance bike saddle

Form follows Function

The "banana saddle" developed especially for our balance bikes gives children a secure hold and supports the child's running movements. Since the thrust impulse on a balance bike can only be transmitted via the saddle, a completely different shape is required here than on a bicycle in order to provide the child with safety and good vehicle control.

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Rowerek biegowy LR M PLUS USP-Image 2

Mudguards, side stand and bell are included

Less dirt - more fun

Oh how nice if the laundry basket were only half as full. We can't promise a reduction by half, but a wheel with mudguards will make many a pair of pants and jacket less likely to get dirty. The bell, designed especially for small children's hands, can be easily operated even by novice riders. The bell also allows it to be used no matter what position the hand is in. The side stand makes parking much more comfortable. Thus, the LRM Plus becomes a family favorite due to its additional equipment.

Deep entry

That gives security

The low entry on our wheels makes it easy to get on and off, which gives beginners in particular a high level of safety and confidence in the vehicle and their own abilities. In this way, learning successes are achieved more quickly and the fun of movement is increased.

Rowerek biegowy LR M PLUS USP-Image 3
Rowerek biegowy LR M PLUS USP-Image 4

Large footboard

Driving on a big foot?

The importance of a large footboard can be observed by anyone who watches children riding downhill. If one is not available, the feet are intuitively lifted high off the ground. The center of gravity moves upward, the entire vehicle loses stability and rocks. However, if the feet are low and central in the vehicle, the track remains stable and insecurities do not occur in the first place.

Handlebar pad

Impact protection included

No master has fallen from the sky, but all great cyclists from their first wheel. So that in the event of a fall this ends as lightly as possible, we supply a large handlebar pad directly with. This minimizes the consequences of an impact on the handlebars. As always with PUKY, the fabric and handlebar pad are of course free of harmful substances, UV-resistant and extremely abrasion-resistant.

Rowerek biegowy LR M PLUS USP-Image 5
Rowerek biegowy LR M PLUS USP-Image 6

Height adjustable saddle and handlebar

And fits and fits and fits ......

To ensure good ergonomics and the longest possible service life, the handlebars and seat post of our LRM balance bikes are continuously adjustable in height. Thus, the vehicle continuously adapts to the size growth of the small riders.

Odpowiedni rozmiar

Znajdź odpowiedni rozmiar roweru

30-43 cm

Określ długość nogi
Mierząc od podłogi po wewnętrznej stronie nogi do kroku

85-110 cm 2 - 4

Zasadniczo oferujemy trzy opcje dobrania wielkości pojazdów PUKY. Zawsze zalecamy pomiar wewnętrznej długości nogi jako pomiar najbardziej wiarygodny. Tutaj możesz ustalić odpowiedni rozmiar pojazdu mierząc wzrost dziecka. Możesz to zrobić również dobierając pojazd do wieku dziecka – jest to jednak najmniej dokładny sposób pomiaru.

Niestety, wybrany rower nie jest odpowiedni do podanego wzrostu. Prosimy wybrać odpowiedni rozmiar roweru.
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