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  • 48-56 cm
  • 110-130 cm
  • 5 + lata
  • 7.90
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The PUKY CYKE 18 is the ideal bike for children aged 5 and over who want to be on the move with a light and modern bike. Child-friendly geometries, aluminium components and the PUKY SAFETY SET make CYKE a reliable everyday companion. The PUKY CYKE 18 has a coaster and a V-brake brake system that complies with standards and brings children to a safe stop. The low standover height guarantees fast and effortless mounting and... Czytaj więcej


  • Chwyty kierownicy Safety handlebar grips
  • Przednie koło 18"
  • Tylne koło 18"
  • Obręcze Aluminium rims
  • Materał ramy Aluminium
  • Kierownica Aluminium handlebar
  • Pedały Child-friendly, non-slip pedals with third reflector
  • Kolor Impact resistant powder coating
  • Napęd 28 T / 15 T for easier start when driving off
  • Długość korby 102 mm
  • Dźwignia hamulca Child-friendly, adjustable brake lever (Reach)
  • Stopka Included
  • Błotnik Front and rear (incl. edge protectors)
  • Max. waga użytkownika 60 kg
  • Dzwonek Ø 22 mm
  • Pozostałe komponenty
    • Aluminium crank
    • Geometry suitable for children
    • Luggage rack in accessories
    • Child-friendly ergonomics
    • Low frame height with low stepover height
  • Układ hamulcowy
    • Coaster brake (back-pedal brake)
    • V-brake (front) 
  • Możliwość regulacji / Regulowanie

    Height adjustable saddle

  • Zestaw bezpieczeństwa PUKY
    • Handlebar pad
    • Bell
    • Safety handlebar grips
    • Front and rear reflectors
    • Plastic edge protectors on front and rear mudguards
    • Child-friendly, non-slip pedals with third reflector
    • Closed chain case

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* Wysokość siodełka

Weight-optimised components

Lightweight parts

Aluminium is a long-proven frame material for bicycles. Light, robust and rust-free - three essential advantages that distinguish aluminium from steel. All our CYKE models have a noble aluminium frame, as well as other weight-optimised components such as handlebars, cranks and rims.

Child-friendly ergonomics

Form follows function

Children have a smaller field of vision than adults, this means they only perceive their surroundings from a limited angle of vision. This restriction harbors dangers, especially in areas close to traffic.  For this reason, it is particularly important that children sit as upright as possible on the bike. 

Only a relaxed, upright posture enables children to optimally perceive their surroundings when cycling and thus provides the basis for safe driving behavior.  PUKY® takes the individual growth phases of children into account and offers adjustment ranges to ensure a sustainable service life.  Since, unlike adults, the center of gravity of children is on the upper half of the body, it is particularly important to design the frame in such a way so that it show a balanced driving behavior.  The child-friendly positioning of the bottom bracket and the optimal distance between saddle and handlebars are further important factors for a child-friendly frame geometry.

Standard conform and child- friendly V- Brake

In our CYKE models we use V-brakes that are suitable for children and conforms to standard. These ensure a good braking effect and ensure an optimal dosage of the braking force, so that the pilot comes to a safe stop. 

In contrast to conventional V-brakes, crashes and falls are avoided by too strong, abrupt braking.

Impact resistant powder coating

Quality Made in Wülfrath

The extreme impact resistant and durable powder coating is applied in our own factory in Wülfrath, to all of our vehicles. It envelops the metal components like a plastic coating. It is UV and weather resistant and free of poisioness ingedients and pollutants.

The PUKY Safety Set

Safe on the Move

Our PUKY safety set has always ensured safety on the vehicle and while driving. The set consists of a handlebar pad, a bell, safety handlebar grips, front and rear reflectors, plastic edge protectors on the front mudguard, 

child-friendly, non-slip pedals with a third reflector and a closed chain case that protects children of reaching into the drive.

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48-56 cm

Określ długość nogi
Mierząc od podłogi po wewnętrznej stronie nogi do kroku

110-130 cm 5 - 9

Zasadniczo oferujemy trzy opcje dobrania wielkości pojazdów PUKY. Zawsze zalecamy pomiar wewnętrznej długości nogi jako pomiar najbardziej wiarygodny. Tutaj możesz ustalić odpowiedni rozmiar pojazdu mierząc wzrost dziecka. Możesz to zrobić również dobierając pojazd do wieku dziecka – jest to jednak najmniej dokładny sposób pomiaru.

Niestety, wybrany rower nie jest odpowiedni do podanego wzrostu. Prosimy wybrać odpowiedni rozmiar roweru.
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